Jim gästbloggar – Jim’s a guest blogger

Nu har Jim åkt hem. Vi var i centrum och kollade runt och Jim gjorde några sista-minuten-köp på förmiddagen. 

Och så åt vi lunch på Taco Bar.

Och nu lämnar jag ordet till Jim:

Five days in Sweden. Ten interesting observations from a visiting American:
1) Why are eggs in a Swedish grocery not refrigerated?

2) Swedish people are more responsible drivers. I heard no horns, they appear to obey the speed limit, and I witnessed no road rage hostilities.

3) There are far fewer fat people in this country than in the USA.

4) Why don’t Swedish adult men where any type of baseball hats.

5) Swedish produce is good- all except for tomatoes. 

6) Swedish people are so much more quiet out in public than Americans tend to be.

7)  Sweden has the best looking homeless panhandlers on subway!

😎 There are as many boats in Sweden as there are people!

9) Swedish people can swim for miles and miles in ice water!

10) Swedish children are so much better behaved in public than their American counterparts.

3 reaktioner på ”Jim gästbloggar – Jim’s a guest blogger

  1. To Jim – Thank you for your thoughts about us. Very much welcome back! I guess that you have not seen the rest of the country and all that comes with it… Mosquito’s on mass in the north but the light, northern light, is amazing as well as the people. In the south – magic views and wonderful water to swim in and a hockey team that we love to death (Malmö Redhawks). On the east coast – the food (fish), the friendly people and the sea. Safe journey back home! All the best, Eva. Born in the north and living in the south:-).

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  2. To Jim, regarding point two, I don’t agree. I have drived in San Antonio, TX, (I35 from San Marco to San Antonio), Plenty of cities in Kansas, Missouri,Kentucky and North Carolina BUT I refuse to drive in Stockholm! Comparing to theses places is Stockholm a night mare to drive in.

    Point 5, You haven’t tasted swedish tomates grown in the sun. 😉

    Point 9. We are from the wikings so we survive cold water but prefer warm water but we don’t tell our guest that 😉

    Hope you got home safe!

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